Getting started with Classting

Become a member

1. Access and click [Get started in a minute].
2. Select 'Student' for your role.
3. If you wish to join using an email address, click on the Email tab. If you wish to join using a mobile number, click on the Mobile tab. (To join without an email or phone number, click on "Don't have an email or mobile?' below the Email/Mobile tabs to create an ID.)
3. After entering your email address or mobile number, enter your password, name, and your date of birth.
4. Agree to Classting's Terms and Conditions and collection and use of personal information (check mark the circle).
5. Click [Join] button to complete the process.

* If you are under the age of 14, you need to enter a class code provided by your teacher to proceed. If you don't have a Class code yet, please ask your teacher to create a class in Classting. You can do this by clicking on the [Ask your teacher to create a class] button at the bottom of the page.


Find my school & class

1. Search for your school using the search bar located on the upper right side.
2. Select your school, then find your class and enter.
3. Click the [Join Class] button to join class.
4. A window will pop up notifying that your request has been sent, and you will be notified once the admin (teacher) of the class accepts your request.

* It may take some time as the teacher needs to approve the class members. If this process takes a long time, your teacher may not be aware that you are waiting. Ask your teacher to accept your request to join the class.
** You cannot find your class if your class or school is not registered in Classting. If so, please ask your teacher to create a new class.


Join using a class code

The most convenient way to join your class is through the class-code.

What is a class code? Class codes are unique to each class, and allows the user to immediately join the class without waiting.
Ask the teacher for a class code to conveniently join the class.
Click [Classes] on the upper left side and click [Join with Class code] on the right side menu and enter class code. You will become an exclusive member of your class.

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