Manage Class

1.5.1 Class member management

1. Click [Members] from the left menu in the Class screen.
2. Click the small cogwheel-shaped button on the right of the profile photo of the member's profile.
3. Change role, assign as co-admin, or expel from class as necessary.

* Change role : move a member to appropriate group (teacher/student/parent) when misplaced. 
* Assign as co-admin : Co-admins have same authority as the admin, except for closing down the class.
* Expel from class : unsubscribe a class member from class and remove access.


1.5.2 Class settings

1. Class - click [Settings] on the left menu.
2. Change class info including profile image, school, year, grade, name, profile and URL
3. Click [Save changes] to save changes.


1.5.3 Managing class storage

1. Class Home - click [Settings] on the left menu.
2. Click [Manage storage].
3. Files uploaded to class are organized by month.


1.5.4 Removing a class

1. Class Home - click [Settings] on the left menu.
2. Select the [Close down] to shut down and remove the class permanently.

* All postings and related information are deleted when a class is removed. A closed down class may not be recovered. Please use this option with caution.

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