Get Started

1.1.1 Creating a class

1. Sign up or log in and go to 'Classes' page.
2. Select the [+] box or [Start a new class] to start your first class.
3. Select class type as 'class' and enter your school name. When entering school name, select the name marked by a Classting badge. (Selecting a school name unmarked by a badge creates a non-official class. Non-official class will not be shown on your school page.)
* If you cannot find your school, please visit the School Search Page.
4. Enter the year, grade, and class name. Select [Start class] button to start your class!

1.1.2 Inviting students (parents)

Classting provides secure Class-codes for students and parents exclusively.
- Class-codes are unique to each class, and allows the user to immediately join the class without waiting. Once generated, a Class-code is valid for one week. A generated Class-code expires after a week, and must be newly issued.

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