Class Notices

1.2.1 Posting a class notice

Class notices can only be posted by an admin or co-admin.
1. Select the [Classes] button at the top of the screen.
2. Select the class to post a notice.
3. Select [Notices] from the left menu.
4. Click [Write new notice] and create notice.
5. Select [Notify] to send notice, [Save Draft] to edit and send the notice later, or [Schedule] to schedule a notice.

* Attach a File: click the [File] button to attach a file.
* Pre-schedule a notice: click the [Schedule] button to set date and time for the notice to be sent out.
* Select recipients: select or un-select the recipient groups located at the top right of the screen.


1.2.2 Notifying by Text Message

Text message notification is a function for non-smartphone users on the 2G-network. Smartphone users don't need to apply for this function.
The class members can request to receive text message notifications:
1. Enter your class.
2. Select [Notices] from the left menu.
3. Check 'Receive via SMS'

(Text message notification settings cannot be changed over mobile.)


After sending class notices

Check who read the post and resend alerts to those who have not:
Click on the 'Read by ##' under a particular notice to check which class members have or have not read it. Click 'Re-notify all who haven't read' to notify all class members who have not yet read the notification.


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