Changes to policies and functions (as of Aug 24, 2015)

Thank you for using Classting.

Starting from August 24, 2015, several changes will be made to the policies and functions of Classting. 

The changes are as follows:

1. Only teachers can create classes.
In order to prevent the spread of inappropriate content or indiscriminate classes without control, only a 'teacher' can create a new class.  Also, the admin right can only be transfered to a teacher. 
*Please note that this change will not be applied to the previously created classes.

2. The 'TING' feature will remain active, but the 'TingMatch', the automatic class match-up service, will be closed.
*Please note that this change will not limit any activities of the class-exchange feature, 'TING'. Connect your class with other classes in and out of your country by searching a class through the TING feature.

These changes will be valid from August 24, 2015.
We promise to provide you with a better learning environment everyday.

Thank you.

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